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We’re for supporting business for the greater good.

Our vision is to be part of creating a brighter future; to show the future (and competitive advantage) is in sustainable business practices, and, at the same time, give back.

We tick all boxes you’d expect – relentlessly focused on making your life easier, custom-designed solutions, senior hands-on multi-disciplinary team, great technical skills with marketing nous, leveraging the latest tech. But what makes us different is our desire to make the world a better place. Here’s how we do it…


Our Guiding Principles

We choose to be generous

We choose to be generous

  • Generous with our time in helping our clients to succeed.
  • Donate at least 10% of our profits to charity.
  • Offering world-class benefits / policies to attract the best people.
  • Actively seek out and embrace diversity in our workforce.

We seek to do good through our work

We seek to do good through our work

  • Where possible, we seek to partner with other purpose-driven businesses – those who want to benefit the world, our environment, and our communities.
  • A strong desire to help more ‘traditional’ businesses with changing their focus, showing the future (and profit) is in mindful business practises.
  • Help all businesses we work with continue to thrive: we adopt an infinite mindset, and one business’ success is everyone’s success.

We are mindful in how we work

We are mindful in how we work

  • We preference other purpose-led suppliers, including B-Corps, independent businesses, and those owned/run by under-represented groups.
  • Minimise our footprint through using solar-derived power / green-energy plans and fully carbon-offset power. Choose recycled and recycle where possible, compost our waste, carbon-offset, and engage in practises which put the environment above all.
  • Remain fully independently-owned and operated, a focus on doing good work, not appeasing shareholders or investors and compromising our work in the name of short-term profits.


A few of our other guiding beliefs 

Proactivity & Responsiveness

This means responding quickly to requests, anticipating your next question, and ensuring you’re abreast of progress

Agility & Adaptability

The pace of business is changing, and insights delivery needs to keep pace: agile insight drops mid-project, adapting if needed as we learn more, ensuring the right insights

Custom-Designed Solutions

Your business is unique, so we custom-design solutions to meet your brief, leveraging our expertise to provide a scaffold for designing projects for you, providing a balance of customization built from knowledge

Leveraging Technology

Technology, both within research and outside of it, is evolving at an increasing rate: from AI and machine learning, to advances in analytics. We harness ResTech to deliver richer insights, quicker, and more efficiently

Dedicated Account Teams

There is immense power in having the same senior-heavy hands-on team from brief to debrief –ensuring understanding of the challenge at hand, and only those with visibility of the business challenge conduct the analysis

Fixed Fee Model

We believe in supporting an engagement all the way: we don’t rest until a project is delivered to a high standard. We have no timesheets, no leaving you at the 11th hour. We are with you, every step of the way, until project completion

Our Team

Growing team of passionate consultants

Joel Vermaas

Founder & Director


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