Product & pricing architecture

Informing product & pricing architecture The brief Our client was looking to make decisions regarding their product and pricing architecture to unlock potential market expansion opportunities. With such decisions, however, come real financial trade-offs with respect to CapEx. Moreover, there was a need to understand how to make such product and pricing architecture decisions work […]

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Sorbent Masterbrand Rebrand

Sorbent Masterbrand Rebrand The brief Sorbent approached us regarding some pack design work they were contemplating – a significant revamp to the brand architecture. This had a number of upsides – from unifying the portfolio and brand across categories, to enhancing product and benefit navigation. But doing so has significant risk; fortunately Sorbent was working […]

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2023 Research Society Conference Reflections

Reflections on The Research Society Conference As the 2023 Human Insights Conference draws to a close, we thought it worth penning some reflections on the conference. Some of the highlights Conference committee membership is inspiring, rewarding, and a great way to connect. Coming from working in larger organisations, a small business can be a lonely […]

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ABCs of Insights

Introduction Over the course of a few months, we published a range of ABCs to help businesses think about generating more impactful insights. Here they are, condensed for your reading pleasure. The ABCs of Insights Analysis Plan While often overlooked, an analysis plan ensures that effort is directed toward uncovering the insights that address the […]

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