Gauging a new brand entrant requires careful research design


In this study, we had been approached by a brand and their design agency. The brand had expressed an interest in entering an established and low-involvement category within the Australian market.

The initial intent was to enter the market using the same brandmark and positioning as that used across the rest of the Asia Pacific region. This was logical, given the success of the brand across the region thus far.

The question was to launching with existing brandmark, distinctive brand assets and imagery, or whether refinements may be necessary.


Researching such an entry requires careful consideration, given the dynamics at play. Given this, we used an innovative research design. As such, we placed both category users and category considers into an experimental design which saw them evaluate a range of providers, with this brand located in the mix, and no prior awareness. Indeed, this simulates the real-world as closely as possible.

We then replicated perfect knowledge of what the brand stood for, and sought to understand further the potential uplift.


As a result, we discovered that with benefit of full awareness of the brand’s positioning, and wider interaction with the brand’s look, feel, and distinctive brand assets, the brand would help drive the category forward in modernity. However, there was a need to lean more heavily into category hygiene factors in order to more effectively complete.


The research helped reveal a number of key insights:

  • It gave clarity on the relative weight of which market segments to prioritise
  • It provided data on the consumer journey, needs and pain-points to inform go-to-market strategy
  • It identified white space to help tune the positioning, and
  • It revealed, critically, how the brand would perform with existing mark, and where opportuntities existed for enhancement


What’s the vibe?

This study demonstrates the importance of recreating the real-world, as much as possible, through research design.

It also highlights the importance of research not being a pass/fail exercise, but rather a carefully curated set of data points to not only diagnose, but guide direction.


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