Who We Are

About Vibrant Insights

Vibrant Insights is a boutique market research and insights agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded and led by Joel Vermaas, we exist to help brands thrive.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful aspiration: positively impacting the world. We are not just a consultancy; we are custodians of change, dedicated to empowering brands to make informed decisions with unwavering confidence. Beyond our commitment to delivering exceptional research and strategic insights lies a more profound purpose – a commitment to giving back. Through our ‘peace chest,’ we invest in initiatives that drive positive change, embodying our ethos of improving the world, one insight at a time.

Meet Our Founder

Joel Vermaas

Originally wanting to pursue a career in psychology, I studied marketing alongside this as a way to ‘hedge my bets’ about career paths. Little did I know that fusion of these two would set me up for a career in market research.

I’ve been fortunate in a career that’s spanned many industries, businesses of all shapes and sizes, and challenges of all natures, against a backdrop of phenomenal economic growth, through to challenging economic times (the GFC, COVID).

Before starting Vibrant Insights, I had the opportunity to work alongside fantastic agency owners, taking the reigns to lead various client accounts, and seeing what great leadership looks like. During this time, I’ve worked with leading brands at the forefront of advancing industries, through to challenger-brands in tried-and-true categories. I’ve navigated complex segmentations across multiple categories, delivered complex choice models that have fundamentally challenged the way actuaries view their business, evaluated hundreds of ads per year to identify emerging trends surrounding tech-benefit-communication, and had plenty of “We need an answer in 24 hours” high-profile, high-stakes, fast-turnaround projects.

What We Practise

Practicing Purposeful Values in Action


Choose to be Generous


Choose to do Good


Do so Mindfully

Underpinning this are our guiding beliefs – proactivity and responsiveness, agility and adaptability,

custom-designing solutions, drawing on our expertise, leveraging technology,

dedicated senior attention from end-to-end, and a fixed-fee ‘no surprise’ model.


Our Approach


Proactivity and responsiveness

It’s about being proactive from brief to debrief, keeping you informed of progress throughout the project, and responding quickly when you need us.


Agility and adaptability

The pace of business is changing, and insights delivery needs to keep pace. This means agile insight drops mid-project, adapting if needed as we learn more, and being open to evolving the research approach as new insights come to light.


Custom-design the solutions

Your business is unique, and no two business challenges are the same. This means we start with the brief and end-goal in mind, and work backwards to create the right outcome.


Build on expertise

But we also don’t want to reinvent the wheel. This means we leverage our wider expertise to create a foundation, providing a balance of customisation from knowledge.


Leverage technology

Technology, both within research and outside of it, is evolving at an increasing rate, from AI and machine learning to advances in analytics. We harness ResTech where relevant to deliver richer insights quicker and more efficiently. But we also embrace and celebrate more traditional approaches, too.


Dedicated senior attention from end-to-end

There is immense power in having the same senior-heavy hands-on team from brief to debrief –ensuring understanding of the challenge at hand, and only those with visibility of the business challenge conduct the analysis, and deliver the recommendations.


Fixed-fee ‘no surprise’ model

We believe in supporting an engagement all the way: we don’t rest until a project is delivered to a high standard. We have no timesheets, no leaving you at the 11th hour. We are with you, every step of the way, until we get the right outcome.


We’d love to chat.

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or to discuss insights more broadly, reach out today.

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