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Exploring the changing rites of passage and occasions surrounding youth alcohol occasions and socialising

15 April 2024

While COVID restrictions were largely over, our client reocgnised the profound impact such restrictions had on socialising occasions, and by extension, the role of alcohol for younger Australians. Against this backdrop, there are also emerging trends arounding declining alcohol consumption, changing preferences, and new brand entrants. Our client wanted to understand the changing face of youth socialising and occasion to help guide direction for the brands in their stable and remain relevant.

In partnership with our friends at The Owl Insights, a multi-phase qualitative and quantitative study took part. This moved from exploring broader socialising and alcohol occasions, through to specifi category trends and emerging tastes. The study focused on 18-34s, but took a wider lens to include those over 35 as a counter-point, and to provide a ‘whole of market’ view.

The research helped identify the changing occasions and trends to understand the role of the brands in the business’ stable within these. We were also able to identify the emerging preferences and tastes among youth, helping providing input into new innovations, new brands, and new flavours.

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