Case Studies

How to launch a new self-storage brand into the Australian market, and identifying the right territory and messaging

15 April 2024

We were approached by a brand’s creative agency to understand how to optimise the brand’s launch into the Australian market. A strong brand in the Asian market, the brand was looking to enter the hotly-contested Australian self-storage market.

A multi-stage quantitative evaluation was undertaken. The initial stages looked to understand current market positioning, drivers, barriers, tensions and white space; high level concepts and positioning territories were explored alongside unique differentiating factors. Subsequent phases saw evolutions of territories layered through with differentiated positioning, features, benefits and visual style.

The research was used to help guide the launch of the brand into the Australian market, quickly identifying which territories would not provide the desired response, and those which would. Critically, it was able to inform nuanced creative components (colour palette, visual style, language) all the way through to optimising site features / layout, and the hierarchy of features / benefits now used in communications and on site.

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