Case Studies

Understanding How to Improve the Journey to Receiving in-home Care

10 April 2024

Our client is a major not-for-profit provided of in-home care (predominantly for those receiving aged care support). The journey to receiving care is typically fraught with emotion, time-sensitive, with confusion regarding both paperwork and cover received. Our client sought to understand the journey to receiving in-home care, and how this could be enhanced as government support wanes, and more pressure is put on the intake process.

The study involved a dual qualitative and quantitative engagement, speaking to those who have recently gone through the process (either end-recipients themselves, or their family members who were involved).

The research identified the key points of friction through the on-boarding process where improvements could be made. The research also identified some wonderful stories and positive feedback; this was socialised with the frontline team (who are often dealing with people during times of heightened emotional stress) to acknowledge and celebrate the great work they do. Moreover, new innovations and technological enhancements surrounding the intake process were explored, providing a means to develop a roadmap to guide future development.

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