Case Studies

Brand health and communications tracking in the spirit and RTD categories

15 April 2024

Our client is an innovative Australian spirits producer, operating across a range of spirit types, in both pure spirit and ready-to-drink (RTD) formats. But with innovation comes a need for clarity on how and where to take the brand, and a need to understand how disparate marketing activity (including sponsorships) might be impacting brand standing.

A multi-year brand and communications tracking study was developed, measuring the brand standing of both the client’s brands and competitors. This included brand health funnels / brand health pyramids, market positioning / mapping, identification of white space, and communications evaluation. In addition, a dedicated bespoke section which changes each wav was included, allowing for topical exploration of key business questions.

The study was used to understand the impact of communications over time, and inform future directions of marketing activity and mix. It was able to help provide guidance on brand, new launches, and positioning to ensure continued brand success in market..

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