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What We Do

Vibrant Insights is a boutique market research, insights, and strategy agency dedicated to helping brands thrive and make confident business decisions. By harnessing human stories through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and existing datasets, we delve into human behaviour and motivations to uncover deep insights about customers and markets to empower our clients to make better decisions.


Key Methods

We are method-fluid and data-agnostic, drawing upon the right tool and technique to understand attitudes and behaviours, helping answer our client’s questions so they can make better decisions. We do this through:


Quantitative Research and Analysis


Advanced Analytical Techniques


Qualitative Exploration


Leveraging AI and Research Technology

What We Do

Our Services

We execute with speed, agility, and transparency, ensuring prompt delivery of results while keeping you informed at every stage. Whether it's through traditional reports or innovative mediums, we deliver services and insights to drive better business outcomes.

"Vibrant Insights was started to help brands thrive and, in doing so, use business as a vehicle for doing good in the world."

Joel Vermaas

Founder & Managing Director

Case Studies

Here are the highlights of recent projects, to give a sense of the breadth and depth of the work we do. We’d love to chat if you want to hear more.


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