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If you’re in insights or marketing, manage a brand, category or business, you know it’s important to get close to your customer. Vibrant has the expertise to help you understand people, the passion of delivering insights that unlock growth, and the purpose to see and create the bigger picture.

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Our capabilities

Brand Health

Your brand is your greatest asset; measure its health and equity, from awareness to consideration, Net Promote Score (NPS) or satisfaction, brand personality/positioning or distinctive brand assets.


Ensure your communications are working hard – we can help guide strategy, pre-test creative, evaluate / optimise performance whilst in market, or help you understand hierarchy of messaging.

Tracking & Communities

From a tracking study to measure your brand over time, or building a bespoke community to provide an agile insights program, keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and competitors.


Drive greater efficiency in market by engaging the right people, in the right way, through segmentation. We can help with all types of segmentation – attitudinal, behavioral, occasional, demographic, psychographic, or combination.

Everything else

Something else? We have experience in concept screening & detailed concept evaluation, pack changes, innovation, choice modelling to inform pricing decisions or product architecture, UX testing, U&A studies, demand landscape mapping, jobs to be done, and more; just ask!


Our methods

Quantitative research

Confidence in numbers

Whether it’s a straightforward survey or big behavioral dataset, voice-enabled technologies or deploying neuroscience techniques at scale, quantitative methods validate decisions.

Qualitative research & UX/CX

A richer understanding

From semiotics to cultural decoding, online discussions or traditional focus groups, in-home or out-of-home safaris, traditional sit-downs to AI-driven interviewing, get close to people and hear firsthand what makes them tick.

Outsourced fractional research

A helping hand for your business

Whether it’s an hour, a project or a set-time, get the help of a seasoned researcher. If you’re doing more DIY research, get the help and advice of an experienced insights professional in whatever portion you need. We work with other client, creative and agencies alike.


News & Insights


Product & pricing architecture

A case study on optimising product (packaging) and pricing architecture via choice modelling (conjoint analysis), as well as MaxDiff for claims optimisation.


Sorbent Masterbrand Rebrand

How do you communicate the benefit of a ‘tightly rolled’ toilet paper in a way that consumers understand, against a backdrop of an entirely new pack design? Read on to find out.


2023 Research Society Conference Reflections

As the 2023 Human Insights Conference draws to a close, we thought it worth penning some reflections on the conference – from AI to TikTok and Gen Z, bringing back awe, and the importance of authentic human connection.


ABCs of Insights

Over the course of a few months, we published a range of ABCs to help businesses think about generating more impactful insights.

Here they are, condensed for your reading pleasure.

Vibrant Insights: Research. Insights. Strategy.

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